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Rock n’ Roll Horror Convention

Saturday, July 15, 2023

2900 Purchase St, Purchase, NY 10577

Come to Catastrophicon and join hundreds of superfans who are looking to:

    • Collect autographs (see our guest list)
    • Enjoy live music (First Jason & The Thomas G Waites Project)
    • Find new books, records, mementos and other collectibles (see our vendors page)
    • Attend panels for creators on Crowdfunding for Creative Projects, Entrepreneurship for Independent Artists, and Rock n Roll Photography (see schedule and activities)
    • Pose with cosplayers or show off your own costume
    • Play indie tabletop role playing games
    • Make some awesome new friends!

    Featuring stars from

    Friday the 13th 1&2 | Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Nightmare on Elm Street 5 | The Warriors | Night of the Demons | The Thing | Twin Peaks | Terrifier 2 | The Sopranos | Terminator| House of Hardcore | Pro Wrestling | Stripes | Porky’s | The Wanderers | Unpacking Peanuts | Archie’s Weird Mysteries | Home Alone | The Plasmatics | The Misfits

    Doors open to the public at 9 am and the show goes until 5 pm – after that we’ll enjoy live performances, first Thomas G Waites Project, then First Jason!

Live Music

Travel deep into the swirling nexus of Horror and Rock n Roll with an evening performance by First Jason and The Thomas G Waites Project. These bands are both awesome, and they both embody the spirit of creativity and mischief that defines Catastrophicon because they’re both led by stars of your favorite movies!

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First Jason

First Jason is a heavy metal band led by Ari Lehman, the “boy in the lake” from the original Friday the 13 – where it all began. It may have been a while since you’ve seen a band led by a keytar player, and Ari takes it to a new level. The sound is perfect for metal fans who enjoy a taste of funk and blues. They have been described somewhere in-between Motorhead, Black Sabbath, and “Weird Al” Yankovic. Building on the motif of Jason Vorhees, the songs have a depth that will delight fans who enjoy their music on multiple levels. A live metal show like this does not come to Westchester often!

Thomas G. Waites Project

The Thomas G. Waites Project is an NYC band playing Americana indie rock with a country twang. You may know Thomas from The Thing, The Warriors, And Justice for All or a ton of other films. Also in the band are talented performers and songwriters Tony Daniels and Cedric Allen Hills.

The show alone is worth the price of admission, but make sure to come during the main convention to get autographs from both Ari and Thomas!

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Catastrophicon "Year Zero" only happens ONCE - Be a part of it!

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Art and Merchandise

Amazing Artists and Vendors

Celebrity Guests continue to be added throughout the Winter/Spring. Follow Catastrophicon on social media and sign up for our email newsletter for all the exciting details


Did you get your tickets yet?

Catastrophicon "Year Zero" only happens ONCE - Be a part of it!

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