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Welcome to the website for the first Catastrophicon Rock n Roll Horror Convention. Let yourself imagine for a moment what it will be like when you find yourself at the event. I assure you it will be even better than that.

My name is Dave Hoffman, president of Gorilla River. In 2019, we launched the Hudson Valley Music Summit in Kingston NY, followed by the Music Video Film Festival in 2020. If there is one lesson I’ve learned, it’s that when you bring hundreds of creative professionals into the same room, magic happens. ✨

I’ve spent the last 17 years producing educational networking events for artists, investors, entrepreneurs, and business innovators in locations across the globe including Austin, New Orleans, Nashville, San Francisco, Dublin, Berlin, and Sao Paulo. I wrote the book Producing Success a Career Guide for Conference Producers and conceived the website for bringing together filmmakers and musicians who want to film music videos.

Catastrophicon Rock n’ Roll Horror Convention is our post-Covid comeback. The plan is to bring the inspiring group of music professionals and filmmakers who participated in the previous events together with superfans and other creators who want to indulge in deep fandom through collectibles, live music, role-playing, panels, discovery, and camaraderie!

Take a look at our awesome guests, vendors, and activities lineup!

The spirit of creativity and collaboration is strong and we’re looking forward to this next chapter as we help musicians, filmmakers, artists, and superfans of all kinds create a vision that will tantalize the senses and keep people excited for years to come.

Bottom line is, Catastrophicon is going to be a blast, and this is your only chance to say “I was part of it during the first year.” Pick up your tickets now and join us for the time of your life!


  • Fan filmmaking panel
  • Film crowdfunding panel
  • TBD

Niche autographs

  • Ari Lehman (Jason from the original Friday the 13th)
  • Beatrice Boepple (Amanda Kreuger – Freddy’s mother from the Nightmare on Elm Street Series)
  • Vincent Disanti (Director, Never Hike Alone series, Dylan’s New Nightmare)
  • Others to be announced soon!

Film Clips

  • Never Hike Alone

Live Music

  • First Jason

Collecting Merchandise

  • Indie Comics & Artwork
  • Books, DVDs, Records, Posters & Other Memorabilia

Role Playing Games

  • Dungeonborn


  • The Amazing Spiderlings