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Psychotoxin Press

Suso Fashions

SUSO Fashions is owned by artist and seamstress Susan McLoughlin. Together with her partner Jim Sinerco, they create unique leather goods and costumes for LARPs, renaissance faires, and cosplayers. They’re always happy to create custom pieces tailored to their clients’ specifications. Susan and Jim are excited to be vending at Catastrophicon, and hope that you will stop by the booth and check out their work! 

Funny Business

We at Funny Business are a passionate group, we love all things LEGO, comic books, action figures, and more. For as long as we can remember we have collected, shared, traded and loved these items, and when we opened our store we were excited to take this to even greater heights and share with all of you! 

We are committed to having the items that excite you most and are always interested in hearing what you want to see and what you think. We have resident experts on LEGO and COMICS who can help you with any questions you may have. 

Gemeni Crow

bio coming soon

Hunter Shea

Hunter Shea is a lifelong horror hound and writer of over thirty books of monstrous mayhem, ghostly frights and newfound terrors. Some of his bestselling books include the critically acclaimed Creature, The Montauk Monster, the nostalgic Money Back Guaranteed series, and Jessica Backman’s Death in the Afterlife trilogy. He can be heard and seen on the Discovery Channel as well as his two long-running podcasts, Final Guys and Monster Men, both informed and humorous explorations of the best – and worst – that horror and the paranormal have to offer. He’s also the long-time columnist of Video Visions for Cemetery Dance Online. 

Chiara Renda

Chiara Renda is an emerging artist from Mahwah, New Jersey with an interest in vintage comics and rock n’ roll. Her goal is to create comics with her own stories and graphic novels for people to enjoy. Chiara graduated from SCAD in 2022 with a BFA in Sequential Art and is currently back at SCAD to earn her MFA in Illustration. Like many of you, she collects vinyl records on the side! Stop by her table to pick up her original minicomic along with prints, stickers, and keychains of horror characters and rockstars.

Wayward Raven

Wayward Raven Media’s Mission is to publish limited series and one-shot comic books that have a beginning, middle, and end. Their work is not just plot-focused, but also character driven. Most importantly, DEAD IS DEAD. They will also publish prose since most novels and short story collections are stand-alone. It’s their niche. And they like it. 

Robert Stava

Robert Stava is an author living in the Hudson River Valley in 1904 Victorian with his wife, Tomiko, their Alaskan Malamute, and a cat. In addition to his supernatural and sci-fi horror novels & novellas, his short stories have appeared in various horror anthologies and magazines over the last ten years. His first book, “Combat Recon”, a non-fiction account of his uncle’s combat photography in WWII, was published in hardcover by Schiffer Military in 2007.

Stava is also a member of the ITW & HWA. In addition to writing, Stava is a trustee on the Ossining Historical Society, is a singer/songwriter, and currently holds a 3rd-degree black belt in karate.

His next novel for Severed Press, “The Antikythera Codex”, is due in 2023. 

Justin Gray

Justin Gray is an author, graphic novelist, and self-publisher.  In addition to writing hundreds of comics and graphic novels for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Image, Justin helped develop a new Speed Racer animated show for Nickelodeon, co-wrote the screenplay for an animated film based on the hit video game Dead Space, and helped write and develop story/dialogue for Video games like Mortal Kombat V.S. DC Universe, DC Injustice, and Prototype. In 2019 Jay Baruchel adapted the graphic novel Random Acts of Violence which he co-created with Jimmy Palmiotti. The film debuted on Shudder. Justin was part of an Eisner Nominated and Ringo Award Winning Where We Live anthology—a riveting collection of both fictional stories and actual eye-witness accounts of gun violence.  

Jarod Mathis

Jarod Mathis is an illustrator based in Mount Kisco, New York. With a mix of both traditional American comics and Japanese manga, Jay brings a fresh outlook on all of your favorite characters and heroes. Having dabbled in all sorts of trades such as flash tattoo, animation, splash illustrations, and his work on his personal Webcomic, Those Who Fight, on tapas. 

Ed Perratore

Ed Perratore, a lifelong horror fan and military veteran, has enjoyed a 40-year writing career with past positions at Consumer Reports, PC Magazine and Byte, and his freelance credits include Reader’s Digest, Newsweek, the Newark Star-Ledger and Computer Shopper. Among his three books are two horror novels: Hindred Spirits and The Coven Tree. Ed is a member of the Horror Writers Association. He also writes a humor blog, The Fog Bell, found at When Ed’s not working, he enjoys hiking, taking pictures, fishing and spending time with his wife Elena, and his family. 

Tales Beyond

We’re an indie comics label from the Bronx that conjures the fun and fantastic and pride ourselves on the inclusivity embraced by our stories, creators & readers. 90% of our creators are people of color. We also celebrate Nerd Culture as a whole, embracing video games, pulp magazines, and genre storytelling.

Kai Kaldro

Kai Kaldro is a filmmaker and heavy metal singer from New York City. Cinematically, best known for his work on independent but  high concept productions that artistically rebel against their limitations. Musically, he embodies a heavy industrial sound with lyrics and a shock rock presence that satirizes 1940s film noir and Golden Age Hollywood, particularly Alfred Hitchcock’s films.

Kaldro’s films include Dissolved Girl, and Sinner’s Lullaby.

His solo music debut EP titled The Shady Lady Vanishes is set for a Halloween 2023 release.

Curio Room

Bookstore-gallery in Mount Kisco, New York.  

New and used books, records, original art, and curios. 

Jessica Kennedy

Joe Basil

MAS Productions

Mike Schiff, from The Bronx, NY was a television producer for The Howard Stern Show, filmed and edited music videos for John Carpenter, Fozzy, and Charred Walls of the Damned, and has worked on various films and documentaries. The History of Metal and Horror (2022) is his most recent project.

Derrick Draws

Dungeon Born

Section 8 Comics

JG Faherty

Spear Feather

Sp3arf3ath3r is a visionary artist, designer, writer, and coder with cravings for the odd, loud, and ridiculous! She digs snowboarding, fast machines, red deserts, and head bobbing-foot stomping-gut resounding music. Her H1𝄞HBR1D Collection is a pen & ink creature series mused by heavy metal, instruments, flora, fauna, funga, and humanoids. 
Sp3arf3ath3r is currently based in Long Island, NY where she overthinks the simplest things, rarely goes to the beach, and plots her way to visit mirrored galaxies… 

Toyz From the Darkside

Stonerolled Publishing

Stonerolled Publishing LLC is owned and operated by Daniel Carpenter, a local, independent comic book writer who grew up on comics, horror movies, heavy metal, and D&D. Stop by, say hi, and check out his comics, “IRTH” (a 21st century-meets-D&D Goblin Murder Mystery), and “Snowball’s Chance In Hell” (about a white, declawed cat that has to try and escape from hell…literally). He is also creating some horror movie themed, remarqued copies of his comics exclusively for Catastrophicon!

Sean and Kristy McDonough

Sean and Kristy McDonough are Long Island’s most terrifying couple. Sean is an acclaimed horror novelist of several works including Beverly Kills, The Class Reunion, and The Thirteen Black Cats of Edith Penn. Kristy creates one of a kind horror gem artwork and is available for commissions of all kinds.

Jack Mandrake

Jack Mandrake is a comic book artist based in Morris County, New Jersey who loves tabletop games, movies, and fitness. He’s looking to make his mark on the industry since graduating from the Kubert School in 2020. Having worked as a graphic designer and colorist for companies such as Third Eye Skull and Storm King, Jack’s dying to share his own thrilling stories through self-publishing his own comics. He loves creating sci-fi worlds with an emphasis on horrifically mutated creatures juxtaposed with the takedown of sinister megacorporations. Come by his table to check out the variety of art ranging from Princess Mononoke, Ben 10, and Pumpkinhead.

Inari Kai Neko

Inari Kai Neko is a 14 year old artist born in Baltimore, currently residing in New York City and Baltimore.

Inari has loves art since she was three. She started working with acrylics taught by her father, Anthony Saint Thomas at the age of seven. She debuted her artwork at an NYC fashion show fundraiser to help end child trafficking at the age of eight and has been showcasing her art countrywide ever since.

Inari is daughter of indie legend/scream queen/wrestling talent Monique Dupree and published author and photographer Anthony Saint Thomas

Custom Fangs NYC

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